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“Waiting on Sound!”

The phrase above is heard on many shoots. After the countless steps required to set up a shot, production can get bogged down while the location sound mixer catches up.

With John Freeland on the set, audio isn’t lagging behind.

John brings a collaborative approach to all projects by finding opportunities to be a team player and solve problems quickly — and not just with audio. He’s happy to help, when needed, with lighting or as an assistant camera. John’s never been the type of sound guy who sits in a corner and watches other people work. His focus is on supplementing the full production by identifying opportunities to contribute based on his experience and expertise.

All the Tools You Need

Whether you’re a local production that needs an established, helpful, well-rounded sound mixer for your projects, or an out-of-town client relying on a local vendor to provide audio gear — as well as lighting, grip, or camera support equipment to minimize your travel burden — Banner Images is the solution.

Audio Production Portfolio

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