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A videographer who knows how to adapt.

Circumstances change, which is why your videographer should have the ability to anticipate issues to help get the best shot possible. Composing and arranging elements in the frame — understanding lighting, the subject, and the visual story you’re trying to tell — are the hallmarks of a professional.

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Proven Versatility

From his initial days in the corporate world to almost two decades as founder of Banner Images, John has proven his versatility providing video services for a wide range of industries. A longstanding member of the Indianapolis community, he has built his reputation as one of the most respected videographers in the area. John’s presence on the short call list for numerous organizations has provided him with an impressive list of clients and credits, including:

  • ABC World News
  • The Indianapolis Colts
  • ESPN
  • Dateline NBC
  • Discovery Channel
  • Fortune 500 Companies such as Eli Lilly and Company, General Mills, and Rolls Royce


Organizations continue to request John’s video services not just because of his wealth of experience, but also for his calm demeanor on set, his comfort with a variety of equipment, and his trustworthiness.

Perhaps most importantly, John understands the importance of translating client needs to meet communication goals and executing vision to bring video to life.

Projects often change during production, and success hinges on the ability to adapt. Banner Images is the solution.

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