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Photography begins as a craft.

It begins with vision and a sense of place, arranging three-dimensional objects into a two-dimensional image in a way that tells a compelling story. John Freeland’s goal is to provide photographic services that capture your unique story.

Exceptional photography has impact and makes an impression. Portraits should capture emotion and convey personality. John takes pride in making subjects feel relaxed and giving them the confidence they need to know they’ll look good.

Versatility Reigns

John’s comprehensive understanding of photographic principles and elements of design have made him a sought after photographer in the Indianapolis area. Organizations rely on John for his insightful, high-quality portrait work. Other customers appreciate his tasteful approach and unique ability to uncover the true essence of subjects, whether it’s people, events, products, or buildings.

Photography should capture moments with artistry and an understanding of their potential for timelessness. Banner Images is the solution.

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